Industrial Plants
  • • Supply of all kinds of brand new or second hand industrial plants from Europe and especially from Italy, and turnkey solution provision, if requested
  • • Determination of high added value industrial investment occasions, especially in Europe and in Italy, according to the customers’ requests and requirements, for operation on site, and their acquisition organizations
  • • Supply and sales consultancy for conventional and renewable energy production plants, and their respective sub-components
  • • Acquisition and operation on site organizations of geothermal energy, wind energy and solar energy production plants in Europe and especially in Italy
  • • Planning of unique renewable energy production technologies, and high technology know-how transfer to our country
  • • Joint venture organization between Turkish and European, especially Italian, contracting companies for qualified domestic and international construction projects such as construction of pipeline, highway, railway, bridge, dam, subway, and airport
  • • Project and tender proceeding follow up in Turkey for foreign companies, and in abroad for Turkish companies

  • • Ports investment consultancy
  • • Solution partnership for port renovation, and dredging projects

  • • Domestic and/or international raw material (mineral) supply
  • • Mediatory and consultancy service about highly skilled and accredited international technical consultancy companies for Turkish investors on their resource estimation projects
  • • Joint venture organization between international companies and Turkish companies about the provision of financing on high-cost mine exploration projects