SERENA Industrial Products Investment Manufacturing Trading Inc. established in 1998 by our chairman Mr. Hasan Hayrettin Ünder as a continuation of ÜNDER Srl which had been established in Milan/Italy in 1978. Under our chairman’s leadership, since its establishment, SERENA, by following the industrial development in our country, and conducted a guiding task for the realization of various investments and provided mediatory service for the transfer of high technology value added investments to Turkey. With the inclusion of a foreign company as a partner in 2007, our company gained additional international capabilities.


SERENA, specifically for the large scale projects that contribute to brand value of our country, such as industrial and energy plants, pipeline, highway, railway, ports and airports, maintained mediatory services for the creation of joint ventures between Turkish companies, and highly prestigious and competent companies from Europe, and especially from Italy.


In addition, our company keeps conducting sales consultancy services, on project and customer basis, for international suppliers which has the intention to provide alternative solutions to Turkish industrial investors on unique products such as energy production plants and their respective sub-components.


In this regard, our company, with its office located in Ankara/Turkey, provides services for the planning of high value added investments on various sectors, transfer know-how for the execution of such projects, organization of joint ventures and provision of necessary machinery/equipment for the investments, and sales consultancy for international suppliers on project basis.


Our company, as having a dynamic and experienced staff, can provide various level of financing options for its customers, based on accurate and effective assessment of customers’ requirements via equity funds in collaboration.